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The Sunday Shale Show: Guest Tom Stewart, Executive Vice President, Ohio Oil and Gas Association

Energy in Depth – Ohio sat down with Mr. Tom Stewart of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association on the Sunday Shale Show to talk about some the key issues of the day regarding natural gas development in Ohio and todays current regulatory structure.

 Most people believe that Ohio now has the most stringent, our Governor likes to say that, the most stringent frac disclosure laws of any of the producing states here in the United States while still offering protections to people that engage in the industry – Tom Stewart, Ohio Oil and Gas Association

Energy in Depth – Ohio thanks Tom for joining us to talk about natural gas development and what impacts he and the association have seen to Ohio. Given today’s current regulatory structure and economic climate, Ohio has much to gain from the exploration and production of natural gas. These are exciting times in Ohio and with the associations help and leadership, the companies working directly or indirectly will surely continue to benefit because of all of this growth and potential.

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