The Time is Now: A Call to Action by the JLCNY!

JLCNY: Action is needed from everyone in New York NOW!

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) is calling on supporters to contact all their State Senators and stress the fact a moratorium is not needed!

The last few weeks have shown anti-drilling support at rallies and sponsored events is lessening. NOW is time to tell the legislature to do the right thing!

Below is a letter from JLCNY President Dan Fitzsimmons urging the action:

Call These Senators!!!

Dear Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere, Please circulate this to any and all pro-gas supporters as soon as you receive this. We need every single person possible to call the following Senators at each number listed farther below and tell them each of them the following 4 important points…

1.   A moratorium is not needed. There is no need to put 5,000 people out of work that has been performed safely for decades.

2.   Let the DEC do their job and release the SGEIS without further delay. Facts and Science should be controlling this process.

3.   Do not promote any legislation that would hinder the economic growth this is predicted to create. A recent report by the Manhattan Policy Institute conservatively estimates that 18,000 new jobs and $11.4 billion in economic activity will be created as a result of Marcellus development in New York by 2020.

4.   The science and history proves that the natural gas drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing has been used for decades in New York with zero incidences of water well contamination or adverse health consequences. Here are the names and numbers to call…

Albany Offices:

Sen. Libous:  518-455-2677
Sen. Grisanti: 518-455-3240
Sen. Gallivan: 518-455-3471
Sen. DeFrancisco: 518-455-3511
Sen. Bonacic: 518-455-3181
Sen. Saland: 518-455-2411
Sen. Golden: 518-455-2730
Sen. Seward: 518-455-3131
Sen. Nozzolio: 518-455-2366
Sen. McDonald: 518-455-2381

District Offices:

Sen. Libous: 607-773-8771
Sen. Grisanti: 716-854-8705
Sen. Gallivan: 716-656-8544
Sen. DeFrancisco: 315-428-7632
Sen. Bonacic: 845-344-3311
Sen. Saland: 845-463-0840
Sen. Golden: 718-238-6044
Sen. Seward: 607-432-5524
Sen. Nozzolio: 315-568-9816
Sen. McDonald: 518-274-4616

Thank you for taking this seriously and calling these Senators. Having them support safe and responsible development of natural gas now is crucial if we are to succeed.

Remember, start calling them Monday and don’t stop until you have told each and every one of them each and every point!

Print this out and set it by your phone so that you don’t forget!


Dan Fitzsimmons
President, Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

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