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The ‘Top Ten’ Mistakes Letterman Made on HF

Energy In Depth teams across the country set out to talk to locals in their regions following David Letterman’s rant against hydraulic fracturing this summer. The EID Marcellus team, Rachael, Joe and Nicole, had a great time visiting some of our region’s beautiful countryside like Joe’s home area of the Hudson Valley, the Delaware Water Gap and Nicole’s community in Lycoming County. We hope you will enjoy the end result.

This summer, David Letterman used his perch as a late night TV host to rant against hydraulic fracturing as some sort of environmental nightmare, reciting the same debunked talking points (water contamination, flaming faucets, etc.) that we hear from professional opponents of oil and gas development on a daily basis.

Most folks are smart enough to know that Mr. Letterman is neither a scientist nor a go-to expert on well completion technologies, something the “Late Night” host volunteered at the beginning of his soliloquy: According to Mr. Letterman himself, when it comes to hydraulic fracturing, “I’m not smart enough to understand it.” (you don’t say!)

Nonetheless, to quote The Dude, this aggression will not stand.

So in the spirit of David Letterman’s trademark “Top Ten” segments, EID has produced a top ten of its own: The Top Ten Mistakes David Letterman Made on Hydraulic Fracturing.

The video is embedded below, and it can also be viewed on YouTube.

  • Carol Steffesn
    Posted at 10:47h, 03 October Reply

    I noticed during the video that no fracking sites in operation were shown and at the end of the video, all they focused on was how many jobs it has created and the economy. I think this video is focusing only on the economic benefits, not the environment and the people who live near these fracking sites.

    • Tom Shepstone
      Posted at 11:55h, 03 October Reply

      The environment is mentioned numerous times, as for example when the video challenges Letterman’s incredibly ignorant remarks about the Delaware Water Gap and Hudson Valley being destroyed.

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