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The Truth in Natural Gas Should Have Prevailed

Bryant LaTourette discusses the proposed two year natural gas moratorium the New York Assembly passed on Wednesday and what that will mean for Upstate New Yorkers if it is enacted by the Senate and approved by the Governor.

I came across a post on, where the author really hit the nail on the head, and decided to write about it.  It is in response to the proposed additional two year moratorium on natural gas development in New York and the shock some have expressed at it being passed.

You’re joking, correct? I mean you had to see this coming.  Their side is well organized. They hold meetings like an “Amway motivator on a tier structure,” building people up, and thanking them for their dedication and time on a weekly basis.  They have a leadership structure that is transparent and open. They encourage their people to speak their mind.  They are all on the same page. Their information is instant, not vetted for two days. They have a cult following and it doesn’t matter what the truth is. They have been made to feel they are doing the right thing by saving the earth and all humanity, yet they are all addicted to hydrocarbons. Now that is selling snow to Eskimos!


Upstate’s population, north of Westchester County, is over 6 million people. We can’t even get 10,000 signatures.  All I hear is complaining and crying with no action.  Now, we are faced with another two year moratorium to study health impacts when we have no impact to study high volume hydraulic fracturing because New York has no high volume hydraulically fractured wells.

The grand finale is about to take place–a huge land grab as those that were just hanging on will now be forced to sell.

I was on the phone with a company today that is now getting inundated with calls from outside New York to buy land. They don’t care if they have to sit on it for 20 years.  Worse, foreign countries are now sniffing around.  Someone called me about a Craig’s list ad and it seemed like foreign interest wanting to buy minerals.  Again, to them it’s like having a crystal ball 10 years ago and seeing land in Pennsylvania for $500 an acre, knowing it is sitting on two of the world’s largest shale gas plays.

Here’s the facts: 90% of the landowners in New York State Marcellus region are in their mid 50’s to 70’s. They will sell the minerals and toss the keys to the bank in record numbers with a “please thank Cuomo for the keys.”

Why not?  These antis have taken the bread off their table. It’s the only way New York’s elderly will be able to live there remaining days in peace. “You want the farm? Here, it’s yours, less the minerals, you deal with the eye sore and translator.”farm

These people have created their nightmare prophecy. New York’s minerals will be owned by foreign countries that will sit on it for as long as it takes! When the time comes they won’t be bringing the apple pie to the bake sale or donating to the new hospital, church, fire department or civic center.

The sad part, when this whole thing started not a soul would sell to a foreign country for any amount. We believed we had land rights. We believed the government would use science and avoid politics. We believed in doing the right thing and not harassing and using fear. We believed the truth would prevail!

Today, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t sell out to anyone with a dollar, after being made to feel so guilty because we want to simply exercise our right to land usage!  Why?  Because the other option is giving it to the bank, so the bank can sell if off to the buyers who we tried to protect our towns and villages from!


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