This Ain’t Woodstock… Thousands of NY’ers Rally for Safe, Well-Regulated Energy Production, Jobs

Buffalo Mo’ Hinchey Feeling Heat Over Out-of-Step Anti-New York Energy Stance


While many in New York recently observed the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, several thousand others over the weekend joined hands in the support for natural gas production in the state’s Marcellus Shale region. Frustrated with the state government’s unilateral de facto moratorium on clean-burning natural gas production, New Yorkers rallied by the thousands to send a clear and unified message to Albany and New York: Pass gas.

According to the Press & Bulletin:

  • “About 2,000 people gathered in Bainbridge on Sunday afternoon to urge state officials to allow energy companies to drill for natural gas in their backyards. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, landowners, bankers, lawyers and gas industry representatives filed into General Clinton Park and fanned out across the sprawling grounds along the Susquehanna River. Some wore bright yellow T-shirts stating: “Pass gas. It’s a movement.”


  • Volunteers set up tables, collecting signatures on letters to federal representatives, including U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley. The lobbying effort opposes the Frack Act, legislation to tighten federal regulations on hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking.”

Other news outlets covered the rally, too.

FOX 40 News WICZ TV:

  • “Pass Gas,” that’s the slogan for supporters of natural gas development, and thousands gathered at General Clinton Park to share their thoughts on how it might impact our area. “I think it’ll improve the economy in the area, I think it’s the safest form of resource for fuel in the country,” said Greg McKee of Bainbridge.


  • “And with a struggling local economy, lawmakers say safe drilling is a no-brainer with all the money it will bring in. “Millions of dollars that could revitalize this community and individuals who have had tough times that are landowners,” Libous said.”


  • “Hundreds of people from across the Southern Tier want New York to get busy and begin drilling for natural gas. Landowners rallied together to voice their dissatisfaction with months of delay.


  • Their t-shirts say it all. Priority number one — start passing gas… Hundreds of people including members from 23 gas drilling coalitions held a rally at General Clinton Park Bainbridge. They’re pushing for drilling to begin.


  • “They were supposed to come out in April. It’s been dragged out and they’re saying September now,” says Dan Fitzimmons with the Binghamton/Conklin Landowner’s group. Landowners and business owners expect gas drilling to begin as soon as possible. They want gas drilling to begin, well, months ago.”

Oneonta Daily Star:

  • “A rally Sunday sponsored by supporters of natural-gas drilling in the area attracted hundreds of people to General Clinton Park in Bainbridge, according to organizers. “It went very well,” said Richard Downey, a member of the steering committee of one of the Unatego Area Landowners Association. The association was one of 25 groups from nine counties that comprise the Joint Landowner Coalition. … The rally was more of an informational meeting about the economic opportunities for the area that natural-gas drilling can provide, he said. “
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