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Through the Eyes of a Natural Gas Anti

There are two sides to every sign: “Ban Fracking” verses “Support Natural Gas.”  But what does it actually mean to be against natural gas?

American natural gas and oil is produced under the strictest guidelines and regulations in the world. It’s being produced right here in America and has been for decades safely. This is our–the people in support of natural gas development–proud statement.  This statement is one that everyone should be behind for hundreds of reasons all pointing back to science and facts instead of emotion and hysteria.

If you use petroleum products and truly care about human rights and environmental conditions, if you fully understand where most hydrocarbons come from, you will support American production and you will understand the total ignorance behind the statement “Ban Fracking.”  There is no way a person who fully understand the entire global situation and our situation here in America could argue against natural gas development.


It is time people opened their eyes because hypocrisy is ugly. When you hear or see a sign which says “Ban Fracking” you need to understand what that statement truly means: What exactly is being stated?

Many people have become manipulated parrots and do not realize what they are supporting.  They do not realize they are essentially supporting and stating,  “I am all for human rights’ atrocities, the killing of innocent children and women that occupy areas of foreign petroleum development.  I am supporting the slaughtering by hired militia groups to supply my oil and gas from overseas.”

They also say, “So what if they chase or relocate indigenous people from lands to develop and supply my hydrocarbon thirst?  I could care less about the little to no regulations and destroying of land I cannot see in other countries to supply my needs.  It’s not in my backyard.  So what if the oil and gas rich countries that supply us with our oil and natural gas use the money to buy weapons and technology to use against us?  I have no issue with putting our American soldiers in harms way to protect natural gas and oilfields overseas to keep me warm on a cool winters night.  I really don’t care about getting oil and natural gas from unstable and dangerous nations like Algeria, Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.  I can’t even tell you where they are located on the globe as a matter of fact!  I can’t be bothered with facts about regimes and elites that economically benefit from energy resources and rarely share oil revenues with their people, which worsens economic disparity in the countries and at times creates resource-driven tension and crises.”

They might also say, “When I pump my gas or have my fuel tank filled, I sure am upset at the price of fuel!  The price of life is the least of my issues, do something about the price of gas, though, now!  The State Department cites oil-related violence in particular as a danger in Nigeria, where more than 54 national oil workers or businesspeople have been kidnapped at oil-related facilities.  Do you really think I care about where my energy comes from?  It comes from a switch on the wall stupid!  As long as that switch works, why should I care. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what if I’m a sheep?  I just follow what that guy knocking on my door told me, or that paper in my mail box that got caught misleading people with a photo. Hey I’m in the loop, I saw it on TV.”


And, “Irving, at the community center, fills my mom in and she keeps me and the neighborhood updated. If I want breaking news on natural gas development I go to the coffee shop.  I watched the real story called “Gasland” and heard about that new movie “Promised Land,” paid for by the United Emirates.  So, I guess you can call me an expert.”

Yes, those are the underlying statements behind the two words “Ban Fracking,” there  is a group of gullible, attention starved, lonely, instigating misfits looking for friends, clueless to the image behind the statement they represent.

By denying natural gas and oil development here at home and making the statement “Ban Fracking,” it helps to understand what it is people are really saying and supporting. It is the path of least resistance and it is the easiest to follow.  It’s time we take a stand to become responsible for our own development of natural gas and oil under the strictest guidelines and regulations in the world.

Domestic energy supports a stable country, jobs, and real revenue. Lead! Do not take the easy path of of ignorance and follow. It’s time we support responsible safe harvesting of domestic American gas and oil right here in New York and throughout this country.  It has been going on in dozens of states safely for decades.

Research the facts, man up, avoid hypocrisy, and step up to the plate.  Let’s take responsibility for the energy we depend on.


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