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Tioga County: A Great Place to Learn About Opportunities Provided by Natural Gas

If you read my post on the Friends of Natural Gas event a couple of weeks ago in Susquehanna County, you know that I have been attending these “What’s Next?” events to learn  about the many positive impacts the natural gas industry is having on  communities throughout Pennsylvania (and soon New York)! On Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to attend another one of these events at Cowanesque High School in Westfield, PA.

At this event, attendees had the opportunity to hear from Larry Milliken of Lackawanna College.  Larry discussed how the College has implemented a program to train local residents to join the natural gas workforce and how recent graduates of the program had 100 percent job offers ! Unheard of in today’s economy. In fact, I challenge someone to provide a placement rating for another college program that has 100% placement for its graduates in Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

Also at the event, were Amy Gilbert of Talisman and Brian Grove and Mike Narcavage of Chesapeake to share industry perspective on community involvement. Aaron Price, director of Gas Odyssey, was there as well to share clips from his film that offer a landowner perspective from both Pennsylvania and New York. There was also a new topic brought to the table, stray gas, that was presented by Colgate University professor and geologist, Dr. Bruce Selleck.  Dr. Selleck brought along a handout explaining stray gas, which you can view here. It was a very informative evening.

Now for your viewing pleasure (and with the help of a new camera) I am able to show you all of the presentations from Tuesday night. If you will be in the Troy area on July 26, be sure to stop by Troy High School at 6:30 for the last night of the panel. These discussions are a great opportunity to learn more about the positive impacts of the natural gas industry.  What’s more is that they provide a venue for local communities to have any questions they may have on the industry answered by credible experts. 

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