Truck Drivers Meeting Demand During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows worse by the day and more people are ordered to stay in their homes, the American trucking industry is playing an indispensable role moving much-needed supplies around the country.

With retail outlets closing and grocery stores experiencing heightened demand, truck drivers are on the road every day delivering food, clothes, and other essential items to consumers. As Forbes reports:

“No one knows what will happen next with the coronavirus crisis, but when it comes to how Americans are shopping, there is one thing of total and utmost certainty: Online retailing will gain market share and become much more popular.”

These trucks drivers are doing extremely important work and facing daily risks driving across the country and interacting with various segments of the supply chain. Thankfully, their jobs are made easier by the affordable, reliable energy produced in the United States that’s powering trucks and getting goods to market.

Trucking is Meeting Demand

While there have been fears that food supplies would be stretched thin due to people stocking up for weeks at a time, so far stores have been able to meet demand thanks to a strong transportation system.

Mashed reported:

“Costco COO Ron Vachris confirmed that bare shelves are being caused by people buying things more quickly than usual. ’Our stores are getting stocked every day,’ he said. ‘Transportation is functioning, our suppliers are working around the clock and the flow of goods is strong.’”

That food is getting delivered in trucks – which handle the vast majority of commercial transportation in the country, according to the American Trucking Association:

“Nearly 71 percent of all freight tonnage in the U.S. moves on the back of trucks. Moving 10.5 billion tons of freight annually requires more than 3.6 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and over 3.5 million professional truck drivers.”

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported on truck drivers crisscrossing Iowa and the nation delivering food and medical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis:

“While many Americans are sheltering in place, the nation’s professional truck drivers are on the road hauling food and goods for stocking grocery stores and transporting vital medical equipment and supplies for hospitals and medical centers.

“American truckers have been deemed ’essential employees‘ by the federal government because their work is so important in keeping supply chains open and delivering their goods in a timely manner.”

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry takes pride in its role ensuring a reliable flow of energy that enables these truckers to, well, keep on trucking, and we all owe the trucking industry a huge debt of gratitude for continuing to do so.


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