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Truth or Politics: Which Will Set Our Natural Gas Opportunities Free?

Cris Pasto reflects on truth versus politics in the playing out of the natural gas saga in New York State.  He notes everything the other side says it wants is readily available from natural gas, yet they refuse to see it, preferring an alternative reality and narrative with nothing to back it up.

I started feeling a bit guilty for not addressing the latest stall tactic in NY with a push for a health impact review sooner.  It’s just that I’ve been getting so irritated with the anti-gas cult hypocrisy and ignorance that I decided its time to settle down (just a bit) and not get so worked up about them.  Its about time to rest confidently in the facts, science, and warmth of my home comfortably and cleanly heated with abundant domestic natural gas.  If the truth continues to perform as it has in NY, then we have the politics to fall back on.  Anyway, the mounting guilt pushed me to make these few comments.

Their hypocritical use and enjoyment of fossil fuels, their inability to offer a better energy solution, and their refusal to acknowledge that “clean”, “green”, and “sustainable” wind and solar options are more destructive to the planet and carry heavier health impacts to boot is mind boggling.  Forget about the economic impracticality of these options.  It is so funny how they remain close mouthed and refuse to address this issue.  I think it would result in a complete collapse in their utopian dream life if they ever stepped out of their state of denial.  Their character is akin to a substance addict who simply refuses to see the harm in their behavior, refuses to change their dysfunctional thinking, and refuses to look through the lens of reality.

The latest attempt to “kill the drill” is the push for health impact review of natural gas development in NY.  It is no different than the bogus argument that its not worth development as the boom is eventually a bust.  Its just another mole to whack.  They refuse to recognize the oxidation (burning) of natural gas produces more fresh water than that which is used in the fracking process.  They refuse to see roads are improved by gas companies.  They refuse to see it’s a good thing to produce energy domestically.  They refuse to face the fact natural gas is a clean fuel.  They refuse to accept study after study that shows zero ground water contamination from hydraulic fracturing.  Most stunningly, they refuse to recognize the very real problems associated with the alternatives.  The last point speaks volumes to define what these people are really about and its not about clean, green, and health!


Long Island Solar Project

200 Acres of Land Disturbance on Long Island for a Solar Project


Given the truth of what’s behind the natural gas resistance cult, one might ask why we should bother to address them?  Well, unfortunately, we have to do so, for the simple fact they contaminate the innocent minds not familiar with the facts and they are simply harmful to our economy, our property rights, our personal opportunities, our nation’s security and well-being.  They are just another “occupy” movement.  This group may not be spreading stuff on the streets, but they are full of it and they are filling our newspapers and board meetings with it.

The culmination of facts, science, truth, comparative cost/benefit analysis, recent conversation with New York State DEC officials, and the extremist behavior of the anti-natural-gas-cult have recently given me a sense of calm over the issue.  Natural gas is the cleanest option.  Natural gas is the most available option.  Natural gas is the most water-friendly option (know what you are talking about before refuting because wind and solar do not produce water – they only contaminate it).  Natural gas is the healthiest option for people and animals!  Natural gas carries the least land impact.

Another thing that brings me comfort is the fact Andrew Cuomo dreams of being president.  If he continues down this path of trying to appease a few whacko New Yorkers as he has done to date, he’s got no chance of becoming President.  He might win the hearts of New Yorkers or Californians.  He might get the endorsement of Hugo Chavez, lady googoo and the like, but he’s unlikely to get the vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states more heavily populated with sensible realists.  The bottom line is that its not about the facts, science, truth, and lack of options anymore in New York.  Its all about the politics, and if Cuomo wants any chance of a future in politics, then he better start developing our natural gas resources.

Note that in the above discussion, I did not include nuclear energy in any comparative statement, as it may ultimately prove to be the most sustainable option, but we will need plenty of natural gas to get to that point and the point of public acceptance.   We will likely always have needs for fossil fuels.

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