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Truthland Comes to Cleveland

Last night, Energy in Depth screened “Truthland” to a crowd in downtown Cleveland at Windows on the River. While there is a lot going on in Cleveland these days, the topic of natural gas development is sure to be on the minds of folks in Cuyahoga County.

After the movie, a panel of experts took to the stage that included Shawn Bennett of Energy in Depth, Penny Seipel of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, Carol Caruso of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Shelly, the narrator in “Truthland.” Clearly jobs and economic development were on most attendees minds as the questions posed to the panelists  all centered on these topics.

 “Truthland” is really engaging and its entertaining in its own way and it’s just incredibly informative – Carol Caruso, Greater Cleveland Partnership

With Cleveland not located directly in the Utica shale play, the city and the surrounding area will see more indirect and induced economic benefit than direct. It does have the busiest airport, the largest seaport, and biggest entertainment district in northeast Ohio. All of which will help draw people and workers to support the local businesses in the region.

Last night was the last official screening in Ohio although its entirely possible, and likely, that more events will be added to the schedule. What started in Columbus earlier this summer, then traveled to Cambridge, Canton, East Liverpool, Youngstown and Cleveland. It has been quite an adventure and we encourage anyone with an interest in hosting a screening to contact us to set one up.

Energy in Depth has met some great Ohioans along the “Truthland” tour. The questions were as different as the people attending the screenings and varied with the places they came from. One thing was clear at every stop along this journey, people were not buying into the hype around “Gasland” and were more interested in getting the facts on oil and natural gas development.

Truthland, and what it stands for, responsible natural gas development, is the message Energy in Depth and our energy partners wanted to deliver as we made our way across Ohio these last few months. Ohio has been known as the belt buckle in the rust belt or the area that the economy forgot about for so long.

As Utica Shale development changes that dynamic Ohioans are once again finding economic opportunity and some folks who were previously are working because of Utica shale development. When it’s the topic of jobs, it is not 100 jobs or 1,000 jobs its 100 families or 1,000 families that are better off thanks to Dad or Mom working and supporting the family. Thousands of families are better off all over eastern Ohio as the unemployment rate has dropped in Mahoning County all the way down to Carroll County.

This is what makes “Truthland” so important, that it connects people with the facts surrounding oil and natural gas development.  The film, and its message, helps us separate the facts from the rhetoric, as told by independent experts, on a topic that is supporting Ohio families and our state’s economy.  Looking back, I can’t think of a more rewarding experience the EID Ohio team has had to date.

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