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Turning the Heat Up in Albany with a Natural Gas Petition

The New York chapter of a national advocacy group has grown weary of the the state’s moratorium against natural gas development. It recently launched an online petition to the Governor and the Legislature calling for action.

The New York chapter of Americans for Prosperity has a new petition entitled “End the Fracking Moratorium” that it is encouraging all New Yorkers to sign.  The petition calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to put a stop to all the hysteria and fear mongering, focus on the science and allow natural gas development in New York now. When entering the page you will see the blurb to Governor Cuomo.  It’s impossible to disagree with what they say, if you have done any research at all on natural gas and the ongoing battle in New York to allow development – a tug of war also driving national debate. The blurb reads:

“Time and again health and environmental agencies have declared that fracking is safe and efficient and in many cases good for the environment. Yet, fracking has been demonized and vilified by … propaganda.

“We cannot let misinformation drive the debate and prevent this economic boom from occurring in New York.

“Join us in calling on Governor Cuomo to lift the moratorium on fracking and help New York become an economic power house again.”

Surfing the New York Chapter website some more, you’ll find its April 23, 2013 article discussing the moratorium in greater depth.  They observe what we’ve said here many times: good health and natural gas development are linked together for what are common sense reasons, namely that higher incomes almost invariably lead to better health care.  We have discussed the data before, but it’s worth repeating because the evidence of this relationship is so strong.


Notwithstanding this, it seems no matter how many times you prove natural gas is safe and not damaging to health, there are still people who refuse to believe the facts, science and data.  The petition website addresses this point:

“Fracking is an industry that is largely misunderstood and that misinformation has prevented New York from reaping its benefits. If the current moratorium was lifted and Fracking was permitted here in New York, it would help the entire state.

“The facts about Fracking are simple – no matter where it goes it brings economic prosperity, creates jobs and has not posed a health risk.”

While we take no position with respect to any of this group’s other activities, this sums the situation up pretty well when it comes to natural gas development in New York State.  If you agree with this particular position and desire to help, go online and consider signing the petition.


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