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Two Months Later, Boulder Amends and Refiles Climate Lawsuit, Alleging “Conspiracy”

For all the fanfare made two months ago in Boulder with officials announcing a climate lawsuit against two oil and gas companies, it wasn’t until last week that the City and County of Boulder, along with San Miguel County, actually moved forward with their climate lawsuit.

What took Boulder so long to actually move forward with the lawsuit? That’s a good question. As Energy In Depth pointed out at the time, the suit itself is plagued with problems and lack of citations. But as bad as the original filing was, this version might be even more absurd.

Of course, those following the lawsuit know that the case has been overwhelmingly rejected by local Colorado voices. In fact, the state’s leading environmental group refused to back it. The Democrats and Republicans running for governor refuse to back it. And the Denver Post quickly editorialized against it. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming opposition, Boulder decided last week to finally move forward with the case.

Find out what they changed at EID Climate.

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