U.S. Natural Gas Leads All Energy Sources in Carbon Emissions Reductions

The world’s leading producer of natural gas continues to utilize this abundant resource as the favored choice for new electricity generation, aiding in the fight against climate change. The shift in the United States to building more natural gas power plants has led to the reduction of more than 2.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions since 2005, making it the largest source of energy-related carbon savings, recent data from the Energy Information Administration show.


Changing of the Guard

Many expected renewables would overtake natural gas as the largest source of emissions savings in 2018, as non-carbon electricity generation has risen by 35 percent since 2005. But EIA’s new data show natural gas has widened the gap with renewables since 2017 in the reduction of carbon emissions in electricity generation, underscoring its ability to provide consumers reliable low-cost, clean energy, and its vital role in sustainability.

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