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Ungrateful Usual Suspects Plan Attack on SGEIS

The usual suspects are at it again, planning a major news release on Monday to announce a coordinated campaign pushing for 180 day delay in the processing of the revised New York State SGEIS.  They are scheduling a news conference at 10:30 AM in Ithaca (headquarters of the Park Foundation that funds all this stuff and home to the NIMBY professors “Tony The Tiger” Ingraffea and the discredited Bob Howarth) to launch this bit of astroturfing.  Check out their plans here and here, complete with a fill-in-the blanks news release.  So much for sincerity!  Worse, among the list of sponsoring organizations is Environmental Advocates of New York, recently appointed to Joe Martens’ panel to advise him on hydraulic fracturing policy.  Talk about ungrateful!

These tactics are typical of anti-gas obstructionists and every leftist group ever formed.  They spawn and replicate themselves under multiple names, conjure up events and stories and then proceed to announce their activities as if they were spontaneous citizen reactions.  They also engage in the worst kind of demagoguery and hyperbole, and this draft news release is no exception.  Read it for yourself – nothing more needs to be said:


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