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*VIDEO* Dimock Residents Tell Binghamton Mayor Enough is Enough

Folks in Dimock have had enough.  They are, in fact, declaring “Enough Is Enough” and starting to speak out against the ongoing effort aimed at maligning their community, aided and abetted by a fawning media inclined to believe anything that is said about natural gas producers as long as it happens to be negative.  Things reached a tipping point last night at a Dimock Township meeting where Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan showed up to interfere and — how do you say this politely? —  got his head handed to him on a platter.

Dimock residents have put up with a continuous barrage of insults and hyperbole over the last three years as Josh Fox, Bobbie Kennedy, Jr. and like-minded charlatans have abused them in the name of natural gas obstructionism.  They have watched and listened as professional activists use the power of the press to perpetuate the myth that Dimock water is polluted.  They have tolerated the incessant meddling of others in the affairs of their community.  Last night, however, one meddler, Mayor Ryan of Binghamton, who apparently has trouble running his own city, went just a bit too far — and residents gave him the heave-ho.  See for yourself and note how Ryan tries to intimidate Township officials with direct legal threats:

Residents also spoke out on the absurdity of what has happened to their community as natural gas opponents have latched onto it as a symbol and tool to make their case, weak tough it may be.  There’s little more that needs to said beyond what the people of Dimock themselves said last night, so take a look:

This is far from the end of the story and we’ll have more to report very soon, I expect, so stay tuned.


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