VIDEO: Gasland Director Caught Using Deception (What Else Is New?)

Earlier this week, we explained the fraud that underlies the iconic scenes in both Gasland and Gasland Part II. This was, of course, in addition to the complete debunk of the second film that we posted back in April. It was clear that, although the facts do not support Josh Fox, our friends in the media needed a reminder that his claims have been contradicted by state regulatory investigations.

Following up on those widely disseminated responses, we decided that there was still a greater need to explain the deception in Josh Fox’s films. So we decided to create a video, which you can see above, that lays out how the Gasland films have willfully and shamefully ignored the determinations of state regulatory agencies, solely to inflate risks and gin up fear among its viewers.

The video raises an important question: Who is a more credible authority on issues related to hydraulic fracturing: Environmental regulators who actually inspect oil and gas wells, or a New York City filmmaker whose movies have been called “fundamentally dishonest,” “pure propaganda,” and “science denial”?

Decide for yourself.


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