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VIDEO: Is Marcellus Gas High in Radon? Nope.

We’ve learned from experience that opponents of responsible shale development will latch on to any claim – regardless of the facts – if it could potentially prevent even a single well from being drilled. From water contamination to air pollution to earthquakes, opponents have tried them all – even though the scientific and regulatory communities have rebuffed them at every turn.

The latest example? Groups are now claiming that natural gas developed from the Marcellus Shale is high in radon, which they view as some sort of “game changer” in the debate over safety (and in their favor, of course). Some folks have even suggested that these allegedly high levels of radon will cause lung cancer, once again crossing the line between accuracy and inflammatory rhetoric designed only to frighten the public.

But what are the facts? Does Marcellus gas pose some sort of threat to public health? In this EID video, we take a deeper dive into the subject, demonstrating that claims about radon and shale gas – like almost everything else the activist community has conjured up – are not based in reality.

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