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VIDEO: New York Public Health Improves Due to Shale Gas

For five years now, New York has sat on its hands regarding hydraulic fracturing. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said repeatedly that “public health” will guide his decision on whether to allow shale development to proceed, even as evidence grows that New York residents are already benefitting from clean-burning natural gas.

But a recent announcement from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office in New York City may demonstrate the grandest irony of all: thanks in no small part to natural gas produced from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, the city is enjoying the cleanest air in fifty years. If shale gas is good enough for folks in New York City, then why shouldn’t hardworking upstate families be able to benefit from developing it?

In this new video, EID asks a simple question: With shale gas already delivering public health benefits to millions of New Yorkers, what’s the holdup on allowing responsible shale development in the state?


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