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Video: This Halloween, Watch Out for an Extreme CELDF Ban Fracking Campaign at a Ballot Box Near You


The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) has been waging an extreme campaign to ban fracking through so called “Community Bill of Rights” ballot initiatives, especially targeting communities in Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The group has already forced taxpayers to pay tens of thousands of dollars to defend their illegal ordinances and it is now planning to hit communities in California, Oregon, New Hampshire and Washington State.  In fact, as Energy In Depth’s new video shows, this Halloween, CELDF’s extreme (and expensive) campaign could be coming to a ballot box near you.

In Ohio, CELDF has pushed a number of failed campaigns, such as in Youngstown where their “Bill of Rights” has been rejected four times.  Yet, they are forcing the city’s residents to vote on the initiative yet again this November.

After pursuing local ballot initiatives along Colorado’s Front Range, CELDF is now backing Coloradans for Community Rights (COCR) in their efforts to put a ban-fracking initiative on the statewide ballot.

In Pennsylvania, CELDF has been pushing local communities to adopt their ordinances and has even filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit on behalf of the ecosystem.

The most common thread among CELDF’s ballot initiatives is to establish “rights of nature” that supersede existing property rights. The questionable legality of the initiatives has raised eyebrows of state attorneys in Colorado and has been deemed to be “invalid” by Ohio’s Supreme Court.

What’s worse is that CELDF leaves taxpayers with the tab for high legal bills when their initiatives are challenged in court. That’s exactly what happened in Lafayette, CO, where CELDF put taxpayers on the hook for $60,000 to defend their anti-fracking initiative.  When questioned about the impacts on communities, CELDF founder Thomas Linzey even told Reuters that bankrupting a community might be “exactly what is needed” in order to ban fracking.

As a preview of what’s coming to communities, Energy In Depth is releasing a new video that exposes CELDF’s extreme beliefs and their campaigns to take away residents’ rights (as well as their tax dollars).

Hearing CELDF’s Linzey and others describing their goals in their own words might just be the scariest thing you see this Halloween!

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