Voluntary Environmental Partnership Leading Emissions Reductions Across Oil and Natural Gas Industry

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry is working together to reduce emissions, and these efforts by many of the nation’s leading energy companies are seeing significant results.  In fact, companies voluntarily participating in the Environmental Partnership found methane leakage rates across their operations to be only 0.16 percent – 10 times lower than U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates, according to the group’s annual report.

The 65 energy companies participating in the Environmental Partnership aren’t just identifying issues; they’re fixing them: 99 percent of methane leaks were detected and repaired within 60 days.

Thanks to leadership and innovations by the oil and natural gas industry, the United States is leading the world in both reducing emissions and oil and natural gas production. Reducing methane emissions has been a focal point of the industry for decades, and even more so in recent years. As Mike Somers, CEO and President of the American Petroleum Institute explained:

“Our industry is taking action to reduce methane emissions from our operations. Through innovative and action-oriented partnerships like this one, we will continue to take action to protect our environment and safely produce and deliver the energy consumers demand.  The Environmental Partnership places technological innovation, collaboration with academia, engineers and manufacturers, and industry action at the heart of its mission and we’re proud of its tremendous progress and activity in its first year.”

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