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What Are We? Potted Plants? How About Suing the DRBC?

A member of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA) expresses her deep frustration over the lack of action at the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) on regulation of natural gas development, suggesting Governor Corbett ought to sue or, better yet, Governor Christie should just do his job and vote.

Pardon me, but I can’t help but get annoyed listing to media interviews of Governor Corbett and Governor Christie.

First, why is Governor Corbett spending our tax payer dollars fighting the NCAA for Penn State University?  I will admit I don’t feel the restrictions placed on Penn State are fair to the players. Nonetheless, I’m not sure it’s fair that our tax dollars will go to fight the NCAA at a time when the economy is as bad as it is and there are so many more important things for which to fight, starting with our property rights.  Maybe those things should have priority.

If the Governor is willing to sue the NCAA on behalf of Pennsylvania’s football players, how about  the folks in Wayne County, Pa. who have had their property rights held hostage by the DRBC?  I guess I just don’t understand the logic.  I pay state taxes.  I dodge potholes in the road on my way home.  And, my tax dollars go to fight the battle with the NCAA, while my property rights are destroyed with impunity.

I know the Governor has been going to bat verbally with his counterparts from other states to resolve the DRBC matter in our favor, but we have been at this game for four years now with nothing to show for it.  Isn’t this the time and place for the lawsuit?  What am I missing here?  Why isn’t Pennsylvania suing on my behalf?  Forget football; let’s get real and focus on something that’s really holding our area back.  All we’re getting is a lot of words, yet the Governor is willing to sue the NCAA to get action.  Come on!

Secondly, I am thoroughly perplexed by New Jersey Governor Christie. There are times that I feel he is a good Governor. He seems to stand up for what he believes in. We all know he was a supporter of natural gas. Many of the Jersey residents heat their homes with natural gas. Most of that gas travels through the pipeline that runs through Wayne County. But yet….the governor refuses to vote on the DRBC gas regulations. His residents of Jersey have benefitted tremendously from low natural gas prices.


I was saddened to see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to the residents who lost their homes and suffered so much in damages. I know many folks in Wayne County, including myself, who made donations to help the residents of New Jersey and New York. We sure hope they recover quickly. It’s also has been very frustrating for all of us to watch Washington wait til the last minute to vote on the fiscal cliff problem. I could see the anger in Governor Christie’s eyes when he was stating to the media, “it’s a shame Washington would not vote on a relief package for the hurricane victims.”

Well, I thought the same thing when I heard it. But, you know what Mr Governor……welcome to our world. Perhaps now you will understand how it feels to be held hostage with no vote. Except, we have been held hostage for years, not days.  I realize your circumstances are different, but I too have watched folks lose their homes because of the DRBC delays. At least you only have to wait for the new politicians to take office!

I sure hope, one day, the residents of Wayne County will have the support we deserve from both governors.  These two governors may be looking out for some of their constituents, but what are we up here in Wayne County – potted plants?  Governor Corbett, show us you mean what you say and put some dollars into a lawsuit on our behalf, will you, please?  And, Governor Christie, show us the same concern you’ve shown Hurricane Sandy victims by simply voting, please.  It’s your obligation.  It’s your job.  Stop the grandstanding, avoid the lawsuit and vote.  Just give us a hand up, that’s all we ask.

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