Whoops: #ExxonKnew Activists Cite Decades-Old Report that Undermines Their Campaign

After being quiet for months, the #ExxonKnew campaign team was back to their cherry-picking ways last week when they tried to seize on a single chart —out of literally thousands of documents – to malign an energy company on the impacts of climate change.

For those that need a quick refresher, two publications, InsideClimate News and the Columbia School of Journalism, were paid by the Rockefeller Family Fund and others to investigate ExxonMobil’s publicly available documents. The purpose? To spark a campaign alleging that the company knew climate change was real and happening, yet covered it up before the rest of the general public knew about it.

The latest effort to make #ExxonKnew trending again is built off an excerpt of one graph in a report that Marvin B. Glaser, a former Environmental Affairs Manager at Exxon, wrote to brief a group of employees on the greenhouse effect – in 1982. Much to the activists’ dismay, the rest of the 46-page report proves that the #ExxonKnew claim just doesn’t hold up.

Read more about this latest iteration of the #ExxonKnew campaign over at EID Climate.

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