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Why Is the Sierra Club Using a Xenophobe to Fight Natural Gas?

** Unfortunately this post contains a video with language that is not suitable for all audiences.  Please use discretion in watching the video

If you thought the Sierra Club’s endorsement of anti natural gas activist, Vera Scroggins, in a recent letter, was bad because of an interaction displayed on her YouTube channel, just wait until you see what was left on the cutting room floor.

We came across yet another Vera Scroggins video this week that literally made my jaw hit my desk. I couldn’t understand in the original video, which can be viewed here, how anyone could be proud to have behaved in such a manner. Well, after watching this latest video I can say I still wouldn’t be proud of the behavior displayed in the original, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the appalling performance in the latest. Oh yeah, it’s that bad.

It appears we may have another SautnerGate scenario where Vera also published only a portion of a video only to have the whole thing surface later. Just to give a quick recap, the following video is of a confrontation between activist Vera Scroggins and Phelim McAleer, one of the producers of FrackNation. It took place while McAleer was attempting to ask questions of the celebrities who came to tour Susquehanna County, namely Susan Sarandon in this instance.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 3.44.58 PM

Now before you watch, please make sure you are not in a public place, there are no young children in the room, and there is no one around you whom you wouldn’t want to hear F-bombs being blared from your computer or phone. The video definitely comes with a “WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE,” caution, as Vera demonstrates “5 Rules of Engagement for the Desperate.”

This is one of the activists the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club is touting as a savior to the people of Pennsylvania and New York? Let’s just say they may want to choose their icons more carefully in the future.  And Vera may want to start taking her own advice:

Vic, that’s the best you can do is call me names — that’s the final ploy of the desperate.
2013/01/20 at 7:23 PM

Is that the best you can say, Loren, is insult people who you don’t agree with; a rude, low-blow shot?
2012/12/30 at 8:47 AM

May we respect one another as much as possible as we pursue our particular beliefs and understanding?
2012/11/26 at 9:31 AM

We all have our particular viewpoints and beliefs; nothing can really change another’s view. We can listen respectively to one another and then follow our “Truth” and stand for what we believe. There’s always at least two sides to any issue. this is Life.
2012/08/22 at 6:57 AM

So, this still leaves us with a fundamental question; what was the Sierra Club thinking in relying upon this foul mouthed xenophobe to guide their entertainer supporters around Dimock?  If they and Yoko Ono have to resort to visiting junkyards and using people of this sort to make their case, things are looking pretty darned good for natural gas in New York.  No wonder the antis’ are starting to go berserk in a desperate attempt to keep it out.


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