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Yoko Ono Sends Message to Governor Cuomo on Natural Gas

Yoko Ono sends a message to Governor Cuomo on natural gas, seen here blended with another popular video from this woman with the strange clothing line.  It reveals the total absurdity of New York State politics where political correctness trumps science and facts.

Yoko Ono, following that bizarre magical mystery tour of a Dimock, Pennsylvania junkyard in those two Mercedes vehicles, went back to her natural gas heated apartment in Manhattan.  She then made a video appeal to Governor Cuomo to stop natural gas development in New York.  We also learned more about Yoko’s cultural contributions from another video and decided to blend the two into one much more compelling message to the Governor.  Here it is:

Good thing this lady has a $500 million inherited nest egg to live off.  It would all be hilarious except for the fact this individual apparently exercises influence in New York, as this picture of her with Tony Ingraffea with his peer review panel demonstrates:


And so it goes in New York, one of the hardest places in the world to understand.


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