Activist Blog Dresses Up a Press Release in Desperate Bid for Attention on #ExxonKnew

If you are looking for a press release from supporters of the New York Attorney General on the upcoming #ExxonKnew trial, look no further than Dana Drugmand’s recent piece in Climate Liability News. The blog, though structured like an actual news article, features exclusively one-sided commentary from some of the most active #ExxonKnew promoters and functions as little more than a press release in hopes of generating greater coverage for their flailing campaign.

“Hard-nosed, Uncompromised Journalism”

Recall that Climate Liability News (CLN) is a dark money anti-energy organization staffed by a team of climate activists. Though they describe themselves as a “news organization” with “hard-nosed, uncompromised journalists,” CLN was established in 2017 to promote climate liability litigation, hiring former InsideClimate News #ExxonKnew editor Lynn Zinser as their chief editor on day one. Their board of directors is composed exclusively of #ExxonKnew activists as well, like Richard Wiles and Kert Davies, each with significant roles in the climate litigation movement outside of CLN.

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