Activist Group Rewards Its Favorite Reporters

Earlier this month saw the announcement of the 2019 SEAL awards honoring environmental journalists who toe the activist line particularly well. The list of reporters makes more sense when you begin to dig deeper into the award and realized it is organized by Project Drawdown, an environmental group that seeks to eliminate fossil fuels. In essence the group, whose “advisors” include a star-studded list of climate activists like Wendy Abrams, May Boeve, Lyn Davis Lear, Tom Steyer, Kat Taylor, and Bill McKibben–and the celebrity power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen–has released a list of its favorite reporters.

The SEAL Awards, which honor Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership, blurs the bounds between reporting and climate activism, and rewards journalists who do the same. This year, the recipients include six repeat winners—Dave Roberts of Vox, Stephen Leahy of National Geographic, Jonathan Watts of The Guardian, Hiroko Tabuchi of the New York Times, Adele Peters of Fast Company, and Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic—and six new reporters—Emily Atkin of HEATED, Justin Worland of TIME, Fiona Harvey of The Guardian, Umair Irfan of Vox, Lisa Friedman of The New York Times, and Yessenia Funes of Earther/Gizmodo.

Taken together, the list shows who climate activists consider worth reading, a list that includes several reporters who take extreme anti-energy positions. It also shows divisions within the climate movement. Read more at EID Climate.

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