Activists Are Preparing Congress to Investigate Energy Companies

A reporter for the Guardian secretly edited their reporting to obscure revelations that the ringleaders of the “Exxon Knew” campaign are working to prepare Democrats on Congressional committees to hold a “Waxman-style” hearing like the one that investigated tobacco companies in the 1990s. This time, they want to probe energy companies over their knowledge of climate change.

Coordinated campaigns and one-sided media coverage have  of the standard playbook for anti-energy activists from the beginning. Even so, it’s rarely as blatant as what played out in a recent Guardian article slamming fossil fuel companies for a new advertising campaign that focuses how the industry has worked to reduce carbon emissions. The Guardian turned to Geoffrey Supran, a leader in the fossil fuel divestment movement, and Naomi Oreskes, a Harvard professor long involved in the campaign to prosecute oil companies for alleged climate fraud, to comment.

True to character, Supran took the opportunity to bash fossil fuels and call for a major investigation of energy companies. What’s more telling is his admission of the steps he—and Oreskes—are taking to try to make this happen.

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