Activists Now Suggest Exxon is Responsible For…A Global Hacking Ring?

Here they go again. The people who concocted, financed and executed the “Exxon Knew” charade appear to have launched a new attack in their crusade to “establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution.”

Citizen Lab, a Canadian organization focused on cybersecurity, released a report today on a hacking-for-hire group they call “Dark Basin,” which sent phishing emails to thousands of companies across multiple industries, government officials, activists, journalists, and others across six continents.

While these alleged attacks numbered in the thousands and targeted individuals, corporations, and government officials across the world, Citizen Lab and its “Exxon Knew” contributors (more on this below) sought fit to name and devote most of the focus of their report to a single company: ExxonMobil.

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