After Multiple Failed Efforts, Climate Litigation Campaign Tries a New Strategy and Branding

After a bruising defeat in New York state court late last year, supporters of climate litigation have finally ramped back up with new legal strategies and new branding. Key players in the campaign are “getting more creative” according to the latest news reports and continued to have sustained support from powerful allies in government and wealthy donors still hoping to find just one win to boost their cause.

For much of the past decade, it’s a victory that alluded state attorneys general, municipalities, environmental activists, trial lawyers, and pay-for-play “journalists” who have gone all in against oil and gas companies.  At every turn, climate lawsuits have been rejected by the courts, massively revised by the plaintiffs (to still get rejected by the courts), activists and law enforcement officials have been caught colluding, and media coverage was revealed to be bought and paid for.

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