As Lawmakers Probe Sher Edling, New Questions Arise Around the Firm’s “Informal Advisory Committee”

As senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to probe Sher Edling’s financing and consulting relationships, new evidence suggests yet another “advisor” has closer ties to the firm than previously revealed. New information reveals that University of Vermont Law professor emeritus Pat Parenteau, a longtime commenter on climate litigation in the media, has worked directly with Sher Edling to pitch “highly confidential” environmental litigation to a state attorney general.

In fact, Parenteau appears to have worked hand-in-hand with controversial Biden administration appointee Ann Carlson, who has attracted controversy on Capitol Hill over her own consulting work with Sher Edling. At issue is Carlson’s prior work as a “consultant” on a “committee” advising Sher Edling alongside Parenteau and the former head of the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation.

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