Biden NHTSA Nominee Bundled Funds from Leonardo DiCaprio, Others for Climate Litigation

Last week, Fox News reported that Ann Carlson – former UCLA environmental law professor and a primary fundraiser for climate lawsuits – has been nominated by President Biden to serve as Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Carlson’s nomination is before the Senate Commerce Committee, where her transportation safety record – or lack thereof – will be scrutinized.

It was Carlson, according to additional Fox News reporting last year, who raised money from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and other millionaire donors to support climate litigation against American energy companies.

Earlier this week, a follow-up story from Fox News shed light on Carlson’s plans to turn NHTSA into a climate agency. Fox reports that according to public records, Carlson viewed her initial appointment to NHTSA as part of the administration’s “whole of government” approach to addressing climate change.


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