Bombshell: Naomi Oreskes On Retainer With Plaintiffs’ Law Firm

A major bombshell dropped today about the nationally coordinated climate litigation campaign after it was revealed that Naomi Oreskes – the Harvard researcher and well-known “Exxon Knew” activist – is on retainer with Sher Edling, the plaintiffs’ law firm serving as the outside counsel for more than a dozen states and municipalities that have filed climate lawsuits around the country.

The New York Times previously reported that Oreskes “conceived” the infamous 2012 La Jolla conference where the playbook for the entire campaign was developed in her role as co-founder of the Rockefeller-funded Climate Accountability Institute.

Now Oreskes has gone from planning the litigation campaign to becoming a full-on participant in these lawsuits, as CNN reports:

“The company said Naomi Oreskes, one of the main authors of the study, is on retainer with a law firm that is leading lawsuits against Exxon and others in the industry. Exxon called this a ‘blatant conflict of interest.’ Oreskes was not immediately available for comment.” (emphasis added)

This revelation came out today in coverage that was focused on a new study from Oreskes and fellow Harvard researcher and activist Geoffrey Supran that aimed to undermine the energy industry through a blatantly biased and subjective examination of ExxonMobil’s public communications under the guise of “peer-reviewed” research.

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