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COGA Energy Summit Preview: “Leading Force in Creating a Better, Brighter Future”

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association is holding its 33rd Annual Energy Summit today in Denver. It will feature several in-depth panel discussions with business leaders who will highlight how the oil and natural gas industry in Colorado continues to operate with the highest standards and pave the way forward for the energy sector elsewhere around the country.

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Ahead of the summit, COGA said:

“As leaders in the energy industry, our role has never been more critical. As we identify solutions for today and knowledge for tomorrow, we will be doing much more than simply shaping our own future in oil and gas. We will be a leading force in creating a better, brighter future for our communities and our state.”

Today, thanks to ever-improving technology and greater stakeholder engagement that’s helped meet the standards of tough new regulations in the state, Colorado is providing a blueprint for the rest of the nation for how oil and natural gas industry can operate responsibly and sustainably into the future. As COGA CEO and President Dan Haley said in an op-ed last month:

“We intend to continue meeting this high regulatory bar and produce the cleanest oil and natural gas in the world, and we are counting on that stability in return. We hope the leadership Colorado oil and natural gas producers are showing ultimately charts a course for others to follow.”

The discussions at the year’s Energy Summit will focus on that work. The first panel will examine the role that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our economy and society and what that means for the future. The panel will include Kim Mendoza-Cooke, Director of Regulatory Policy and Advocacy at Occidental Petroleum, and COGA said discussion will center these key questions:

“Bold predictions have been made of what the ‘new normal’ may look like, but what will be the key take-aways from this historic period? What are the permanent shifts and what are simply the passing trends?  This panel of experts will unpack the lasting impacts from a political, social, and economic perspective and share thoughts of how we map our future.”

The second panel will look at investment strategies and how companies in Colorado can create shareholder value while also achieving key “ESG” metrics. It will include Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services and with a focus on how:

“The oil and natural gas industry has a prominent role to play in meeting these values while still helping investors plan for their financial futures. We will hear from industry and financial leaders about reaching these investors through environmental, social, and governance updates and how to better tell the story of Colorado’s leading advancements and regulations.”

The next panel will discuss the technology needed to lower greenhouse gas emissions – a top priority in Colorado. It will feature Laura Singer, CCUS Program Manager at the Payne Institute for Public Policy, Colorado School of Mines and analyze these technologies:

“Carbon sequestration and other technological advances have evolved from theoretical applications to more technologically feasible solutions in recent years.  But what is considered economically achievable can vary, based on the time frame, geology, and location? Some companies have taken measurable steps forward, revealing both challenges and opportunities.  Efforts to mitigate GHGs is gaining traction in policy debates and in board rooms, and industry leaders must consider their own path forward, understanding the risks, benefits, and regulatory considerations where they operate.”

The fourth panel will be devoted to how companies can build a diverse and inclusive workplace and how that helps build a stronger company. It will feature Camille Romero, Director of Talent Planning at DCP Midstream and look at how:

​“Many industries, including oil and gas, are taking a critical look at their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts after a difficult reckoning of the systemic barriers that still exist in our society and organizations.  This session will explore the developing practices in establishing direction, assembling the right team, and looking for partners to support the organization’s DEI goals both inside and outside of the company.”

The final panel will discuss the collaborative approach needed to address climate change. It will feature Dan Haley, along with leaders in other industries around the state, and will help discuss solutions for achieving these climate goals:

​“Everything we do each day has an impact on our environment – from driving cars, growing, and consuming food, building, or remodeling our homes and providing the power to make it all happen. The oil and natural gas industry in Colorado is taking bold, proactive steps toward sustainability and cleaning our air to ensure we have a long and thriving future. We are not alone in this endeavor, with many other like-minded industries in the state showing their leadership and making major changes to lower their emissions and shrink their footprints.”

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