Cooking with Gas This Thanksgiving

Natural gas is playing an integral role in millions of homes this Thanksgiving holiday as they prepare for their family gatherings. It is keeping homes warm and food hot at historic low prices, leaving plenty of savings for the coming winter holidays. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with gas and some tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe.

Your Cooking Appliances

Cooking is a food science and every home chef needs the best tools. Fortunately, your gas appliances allow for precision temperature control on both the burner and in the oven. This control means an easy transition from sautéing aromatics on high heat to simmering that sauce. Gas cooking also makes for quality baked goods thanks to its higher moisture content, when compared against electric cooking appliances.

Regardless of whether you’re cooking with gas or electric, cooking activities can affect indoor air quality, so please be mindful that you are properly ventilating your kitchen as you prepare the meal. The EPA highly recommends using a fume hood to reduce potential exposure to any cooking related pollutants. Check if your fume hood is interior circulating or vented directly to the outside. If it circulates air inside, opening a window will ensure indoor air quality. Consider using the back burners when possible to increase the efficiency of the vent hood.

Your Cooking Materials

If deep-frying your turkey is your tradition, please follow a few of the simple steps to make sure you’re cooking safely this Thursday.

  1. Thaw the turkey thoroughly! Any ice crystals or water introduced to hot oil can cause sputtering oil, burns, or fires.
  2. Always use a gas fryer outdoors, on a flat surface away from any structures. This means no frying on wooden decks or covered patios.
  3. Don’t leave turkey unattended and turn the gas off if the oil begins to smoke.
  4. Keep children and pets away from the burner and hot oil.
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for any emergency situations.

Clearing the Table

Natural gas is often two to three times cheaper than heating and cooking with electricity. Prices have reached their lowest point since 1999 and those price benefits are going directly to residential gas consumers.

The cost efficiency means you can afford to cook a large spread and keep the house warm during the post-meal nap.  It also won’t deter you from warming up any leftovers!

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