Exxon Warns Court of Further Constitutional Abuses by NY Attorney General

The New York Attorney General’s years-long investigation into ExxonMobil’s views on climate policy is an “abusive and discriminatory exercise of state power,” the company said Monday in a court filing asking the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals to keep alive its lawsuit against Attorney General Barbara Underwood. ExxonMobil argued that its allegations of constitutional violations by the NY AG are still valid even as Underwood sought to shield herself by filing her own lawsuit against the company.

AG’s Complaint Doesn’t Undo Constitutional Violations

The NY AG’s lawsuit against ExxonMobil was the culmination of an investigation that dragged on for over three years as the company turned over millions of documents in response to the AG’s wide-ranging probe. Underwood filed her lawsuit only after a judge gave her a deadline to stop burdening the company with document requests and either file a complaint or move on. As ExxonMobil’s lawyer put it, “They should put up or shut up.”

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