ExxonMobil Moves Massachusetts AG’s “Political” Lawsuit to Federal Court

Citing the transparent political motives and national focus of Massachusetts Attorney General (MAAG) Maura Healey’s lawsuit, lawyers for ExxonMobil have moved the MAAG’s case to federal court, according to a filing from last week.

Healey originally launched her lawsuit against ExxonMobil in October claiming the company misled consumers and investors by not placing warning labels on their gas pumps and advertisements. From the beginning, it was clear that Healey and her activist allies were more interested in making a political statement than “protecting consumers.”

Massachusetts’ lawsuit reads more like an activist wish list than a well-argued complaint based on solid evidence and facts. Indeed, during the three years of investigation leading up to the lawsuit, Healey took no depositions of company employees and did not procure any internal documents from the company.

Now, ExxonMobil is pushing back. Healey initially filed the case in state court in Suffolk County, but ExxonMobil argues that the case belongs in federal court. In their Notice of Removal, ExxonMobil argued that Healey’s attempt to try the case in state court despite federal and even international questions at hand is proof of her disingenuous claims against the company.

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