Five Key Facts On Controversial Researcher’s Latest Attempt To Link Fracking To Health Impacts

A new study from University of Colorado School of Public Health professor Lisa McKenzie purports to show a link between living in proximity to oil and natural gas production with congenital heart defects. But like her 2014 study on such defects and other previous research, McKenzie’s latest epidemiological study is riddled with limitations and inconclusive findings.

This study marks the latest iteration of the McKenzie playbook cycle we’ve seen repeated time and again since 2012.  A quick recap of each study roll-out goes as follows:

  • A press release announcing the study generates media interest and alarmist headlines.
  • These headlines overstating the connection between energy development and health impacts are seized upon and promoted by activists.
  • Later on, Colorado state regulators respond to the study explaining its limitations after the narrative has been spread.

There are a few factors in her latest study that show McKenzie and her team are up to the same tricks.

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