Flawed Poll Uses Biased Questions And Questionable Methodology To Push Climate Litigation Campaign

A recent HEATED article features a poll released by Data for Progress that ignores just about every established best practice of polling work and instead built a survey designed to push their preferred climate litigation narrative and convince readers that the public supports this campaign.

It’s an unsurprising tactic from HEATED, which is heavily-linked with climate activists and recently acquired Climate Liability News, an activist “reporting” website that receives financial backing from the Rockefellers and Climate Communications and Law, who are pushing climate lawsuits.

While Data for Progress claims that respondents support prosecuting fossil fuel companies over climate change, a review of the poll’s question and methods clearly shows the results are incredibly flawed. The poll was released shortly after the attorneys general for Minnesota and D.C. filed lawsuits against fossil fuel producers for allegedly misleading consumers about the role the companies’ products play in causing climate change.

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