Following Companies’ Petition to Supreme Court, Plaintiffs Show True Colors in Boulder Climate Case

In the nearly three years since the City and County of Boulder and the County of San Miguel filed its climate lawsuit, the case has mostly been defined by arguments over whether it belongs in federal or state court.

In fact, the most notable action around the lawsuit has been that Boulder County hired outside counsel who are operating on a contingency fee basis, taxpayers could be on the hook, top elected officials in Colorado don’t even support it, and New York’s comprehensive defeat last year spells bad news for the case’s outcome.

However, two recent shakeups could define the lawsuit moving forward, including the plaintiffs’ attorney supporting the case who revealed the true intention behind the case and an upcoming action at the U.S. Supreme Court that will have direct ramifications for this lawsuit and the entire climate litigation campaign.

The Goal: Raising The Price Of Energy For Consumers

In a story focusing on Boulder’s climate lawsuit produced by a local public radio station this week, the lead plaintiffs’ counsel for the case, an attorney with nonprofit EarthRights International, explained that forcing energy companies to pay for climate mitigation efforts was only one of the goals of Boulder’s case.


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