Green Billionaire Privately Lobbied Illinois AG to Join Climate Litigation Campaign, Emails Show

A billionaire donor with close ties to prominent environmental activists arranged a private meeting between the Illinois Attorney General and a controversial attorney who is waging a legal campaign against energy producers, according to emails obtained through freedom of information laws.

The meeting, highlighted recently by investigative reporter Kevin Mooney, is the latest revelation in a series of articles presenting evidence of activists manipulating the record. But it also suggests that the plaintiffs’ attorneys pushing climate liability lawsuits across the country are more interested in attacking energy companies than protecting communities from climate change.

Mooney’s latest report shines a spotlight on the work of Wendy Abrams, a billionaire environmentalist and a major Democratic donor closely connected with top environmental leaders, including Tom Steyer, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Bill McKibben. Learn more about Abrams and her private meeting with the Illinois Attorney General at EID Climate.

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