Group Intervenes in New York’s Exxon Case, Seeking Communications with Activists

A new motion to intervene filed in the New York attorney general’s lawsuit against ExxonMobil attempts to unseal documents that could pull back the curtain on “machinations” between the attorney general and Matt Pawa, a climate activist and plaintiffs’ attorney who has met with several state attorneys general to encourage them to sue ExxonMobil.

Filed on the last possible day that the state could appeal its defeated case against ExxonMobil (they did not), the motion seeks access to a number of documents that were sealed per the attorney general’s request, including ExxonMobil’s un-redacted amended answer to the state’s complaint and certain briefs and accompanying exhibits that appear to pertain to Matt Pawa and his discussions with the attorney general’s office.

The proposed intervenors are Energy Policy Advocates (EPA), a nonprofit corporation in Washington State that uses federal and state transparency laws to gain access to and share information, and Robert Schilling, a Virginia-based radio and internet journalist who also serves on EPA’s Board of Directors.


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