Hydrocarbons Play An Important Role In Improving Safety, Performance Of Winter Athletes

Winter sports have undergone major transformations over the century thanks to cost-effective and sturdy petroleum products. While athletes participating in bobsleigh, hockey, skiing, skeleton, and other sports used to rely on bulky wooden equipment and heavy wool pads for protection, today plastic products help boost their performance and improve safety. Nowadays athletes wrap themselves in petroleum products and hurl themselves down the mountainside for a chance to win gold.

In all winter sports, fractions of a second can determine a winner, so design, material, and weight are vital considerations for sports equipment. Petroleum products are the ideal building blocks for these tools, composing lightweight and strong materials that can withstand the force without adding on extra pounds. Outside of the arena, they power the maintenance equipment – groomers, Zambonis, pump systems – to ensure the venues are ready for a gold star run. And the rigidity and ability to custom mold plastic for riders offer better protection from falls and collisions.

Without the versatility of plastics, fiberglass and carbon fiber, how else would you get such amazing helmet designs, whose style is on par with its great safety features, or iconic ski apparel?

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