Idling Trucks for Climate Action: Climate Protesters Parade Through Empty D.C. Streets

Like much of the United States, the streets of Washington, D.C. have been quiet for the past few weeks after city officials shuttered bars, restaurants, and all but the most essential businesses to try to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Climate protesters seem to be the last ones to get the message. In fact, a group called the Shutdown DC Alliance has planned a rally to “shut down” the city Friday—all while idling dozens of cars and trucks and flouting social distancing rules.

According to an evite, protesters are planning to “swarm the Capitol and White House” on Friday to march and “make some noise” with pots, pans and other noisemakers.

“Leave your torches and pitchforks at home (for now) but bring signs, banners, pots, pans and other noise makers,” the group advised would be protesters in a press release.

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