Marcellus Shale

If You Invite Them, They Will Come-NY Vote4Energy Rally

 Yesterday was the Vote4Energy rally at the Broome Tioga Sports Center in New York. In the beginning of the event, it down-poured and yet, despite the dreary weather that started the day, thousands were there. That’s right thousands came from all across the state to show their support of the DEC and Governor Cuomo permitting natural gas development. It was a sight to see!
New York State Senator Tom Libous and Assemblyman Cliff Crouch gave passionate speeches about America and their love for the State of New York. They talked about American scientists and our educational system that gave us the knowledge and ability to believe in ourselves. They discussed their beliefs in facts versus fiction when it comes to safe natural gas extraction, and the propoganda seen too often in this debate with little facts to substantiate off the wall claims.
Landowners took the microphone as well. Even in the crowd ex-landowners talked about how they sold off their farm due to increasing high taxes and increasingly low milk and produce prices. They talked about their children going to war to protect America’s foreign fuel interests and the American energy source we’ve been denied the right to develop. It was a day belonging to the oppressed landowners, the farmers; a day in which the call no matter who yelled it out was the same: “OUR LAND, OUR RIGHT!”
The rain fell in the beginning, hard and sideways, but farmers work in this stuff and they know we desperately needed this rain for crops. I heard many people expressing thanks for the downpours even if it wasn’t ideal for an outside event. Had this been the Spiediefest in Binghamton you would have heard a lot of people complain about the rain, but not here and not today. The people at this event know how important the water is to a farm, how important it is to have the rain and  to protect the rivers, creeks and aquifers the rain replenishes.
It was a day where friends and neighbors came together to celebrate and appreciate their steadfast efforts in protecting their deeded rights. It was a day to thank each other and tell of victories and defeats of their 4 year struggle. Yet, something was missing: the media.
They were invited, but where were they? Press releases went out inviting them to cover the largest gathering of landowners in one area with one purpose since the Bainbridge, New York gathering in 2009. They did not show. There was not one mention on the news of an event that had more people then the Ukrainian Festival and 300 times the attendance of the Second Annual Splash in The Park which got coverage on all the local stations. I think I know why.
I am not sure which of the two statements is more true above. Perhaps both are equal!  In my opinion there is no selling points found in the truth as the truth sells itself. Sensationalism, however, sells newspapers and television commercials and because of that,  the old world of journalism has become extinct giving way to the bottom line and profits. Yet, those who face the fiction with facts in the case involving gas development are called the greedy ones.  Myself I have no respect for the local media anymore  and I blame them for my feelings. Their failure to give the Vote4Energy event proper coverage or even a mention on the local news when thousands attended shows to me and should show to all of us,  they only want you to know what they want you to know.
Is this democracy, or are we being herded by thought control by our local and national media ?
Instead it is up to us landowners to spread the word about the success of the event. Those of us that attended need to ask the media in force why they weren’t there to cover this event, a monumental point in the debate on natural gas development in New York and demand fair press. It’s time we stand together, as we did yesterday, and put an end to this bias as we prepare for a new New York filled with the hope and potential for opportunities prevalent in yesterday’s discussions. I’ll be holding them accountable. Will you?

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