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In Shift to Oil & Gas States, National Climate Litigation Campaign Zeroes in On Ohio

The wealthy national climate litigation campaign has its sights set on Pennsylvania, yet recent action shows this isn’t the only oil and gas producing state activists are targeting. New moves prove that the Buckeye State is also a target for the litigation-hungry – all while the industry helps to boost Ohio’s economy, provide good-paying jobs for thousands of families, and is deeply popular with Ohioans.  

How do we know this? The main plaintiffs’ recruiter for climate lawsuits, the Center for Climate Integrity, a foreign-funded national anti-fossil fuel organization that recruits municipal and state plaintiffs to file lawsuits against American energy companies, has been laying familiar ground work. The group joined forces with the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC), Scioto Analysis, and Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) to publish and amplify a report titled, “The Bill is Coming Due: Calculating the Financial Cost of Climate Change to Ohio’s Local Governments.” 

With its not-so-subtle end-goal to usher out the sale and use of fossil fuels, the climate litigation campaign should expect an uphill battle in states where responsible oil and natural gas production is integral to economic growth. 

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