“Keep It In the Ground” Activists Push More Myths Regarding Natural Gas

The activists at Oil Change International said they wanted to dispel what they call the “myth” that American natural gas is a solution to climate concerns in their latest report on our clean energy future.

Instead, they relied on and repeated their own tired “Keep It In the Ground” (KIITG) myths while ignoring key data and science showing that natural gas is a critical tool in supporting America’s leading role in reducing emissions.

The report makes several incorrect claims regarding natural gas demand, its climate benefits, methane emissions, and the role of renewable energy while failing to provide any real-world direction on how we’ll power the globe without natural gas.

Perhaps it’s no surprise the report carries the endorsement of numerous fellow KIITG groups that have a reputation of putting their agenda ahead of science, including, Earthworks, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Food and Water Watch and Sierra Club, among many others.

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