Key Documents Raise Troubling Questions About Money Behind Hoboken Climate Lawsuit

A review of key documents associated with the climate lawsuit filed by the city of Hoboken against major energy producers raise some big questions about the relationship between government leaders, one of the city’s retained law firms and a wealthy foundation that is paying for the case to proceed. The arrangement is also raising red flags about the potential big money payout for the lawyers.

According to a resolution adopted by the Hoboken city council earlier this year, the lawsuit is being bankrolled by a non-profit organization that’s a major player in the climate litigation campaign. In January, Hoboken passed a resolution authorizing a retainer agreement with Emery, Celli, Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP, the law firm that is representing the city in its new climate lawsuit. This agreement states that the Institute on Governance and Sustainable Development will be footing the bill for the legal costs accrued by the city during at least the first several months of its lawsuit.

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