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National Climate Litigation Campaign Targets Pennsylvania, Faces Uphill Battle

A wealthy national anti-fossil fuel organization that recruits municipal and state plaintiffs to file lawsuits against energy companies for the effects of climate change now appears to have its sights on Pennsylvania, America’s second largest natural gas producing state. The effort to encourage local officials to sue American energy companies will surely be a tough sell in the energy-rich Commonwealth, where the fracking boom has not only provided thousands of good-paying jobs but also lowered carbon emissions. 

How do we know of this new effort in the Keystone state? Because the main recruiter of these climate lawsuits — the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) — joined the Philadelphia-based eNGO Clean Air Council and Resilient Analytics to publish a report late last month on the estimated costs of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Pennsylvania. CCI has previously published these “climate costs” reports to set the stage and build momentum for filing a climate lawsuit.  

Read more at EID Climate here.

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