New Jersey Saga Part I: New Emails Reveal Center for Climate Integrity’s “Extra Set of Hands” Playbook

This blog is the first of a three-part series highlighting new revelations in New Jersey that shed further light on the climate litigation campaign. 

Recently obtained emails reveal the playbook for activist group Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) and its extensive actions behind the scenes in New Jersey municipalities to recruit, support, and initiate climate litigation – including how it views itself as an “extra set of hands” to help taxpayer funded public officials.  

Just like we’ve seen play out in Minnesota, Florida, and Hawaii, these emails showcase how CCI works from the inside and outside to push lawsuits, further undermining the notion that climate litigation is an organic, grassroots effort. In reality, it’s a concerted national campaign funded and coordinated by wealthy donors, environmental activists, and trial lawyers seeking to eliminate the U.S. oil and natural gas industry. 


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