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New York Vote4Energy Rally Brings Out Thousands!

Yesterday’s Vote4Energy rally in New York was amazing! Shortly after we set up our booth, it started to downpour with rain we knew was desperately needed, but made us wonder if anyone was going to come to the event.  We learned quickly you should never doubt the landowners of New York because they certainly didn’t let the rain stop them.  Even as the rain poured down, we had people huddling under our tent to ask questions and discuss Truthland. There were hundreds there when the gates opened. As the rain slowed and the sun came out, so too did more people until by the end of the day we had seen and spoken with thousands. It was a truly awe inspiring day!

What is Vote4Energy?

A Vote4Energy is not a vote for a person, or a party, or even a philosophy, but rather, it is a vote for America and its future.  We are an energy-rich nation. We have more oil and natural gas than anyone thought possible even 20 years ago: more potential energy than many oil-exporting nations in the Mideast, and more than most countries in the world. When we look at all our domestic energy options – fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewable and alternative energy sources such as biofuels – we see a nation with an abundance of opportunity for growth.

But Americans must demand, in this election year, that their political leaders and those who aspire to leadership positions speak honestly about our nation’s energy goals.  That they lay out in clear terms the policies they support to overcome our challenges. It’s time we set about to construct a new energy consensus.  We have the resources to meet our energy challenges, to make this a New American Energy Century. With the right leadership and vision, we can turn these challenges into a great national campaign that will make our country stronger.

Landowners Speak Up

This event was for the landowners of New York. It was an opportunity to show the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and Governor Cuomo that the landowners of upstate have educated themselves on natural gas, weighed the risks and benefits, and are ready to decide whether or not to lease their properties. It was a chance to become educated on the elected officials in office and those running and what their stances are on energy and the state and nation’s future. And it was a day to share the experiences of so many New York landowners, their struggles over the last four years and the hope and opportunities the permitting of natural gas development in 2012 will bring.

Bryant La Tourette

Susan Dorsey

Sandra Davis

What you didn’t see in these videos were the thousands of others who shared their stories in casual conversations throughout the day.

Elected Officials Take a Stand for their Constituents

It was great to see elected officials come out and not only show support of their constituents, but also take a definitive stand on their positions when it comes to New York developing the abundant natural gas found beneath it.

Senator Libous

Senator Tom Libous and Assemblyman Cliff Crouch gave rousing speeches for those in attendance in the following video.

John Holko Lays Out the Real Story in Avon and What It’s Like to Operate A Natural Gas Company in New York

One of the big topics this week was the closing in of wells that had been in operation in Avon, New York since the 1980s upon the town’s passing of a natural gas moratorium. John Holko, president of Lenape Resources, spoke to the audience on his reason for coming to this decision and the difficulties natural gas companies already face when operating in New York.

U.S. Department of Energy Discusses New York’s Road to CNG Vehicles

With New York already being one of the largest consumers of natural gas in the United States, it seems fitting the focus within should be on converting the heavy traffic in the state to cleaner burning compressed natural gas. That was just what Barry Carr, with the U.S. Department of Energy came out to discuss with attendees.

Racing to Bring Natural Gas to New York

While landowners in New York have figuratively been racing to get natural gas development within their borders for the past four years, yesterday’s event took this to a whole new level with an actual racing theme.  Check out the Friends of Natural Gas New York car! See here is driver, Kyle DeMetro, from the DeMetro racing team with Senator Libous.


Nationwide is on Natural Gas’s Side?

Now, this may have been the most interesting booth at the entire event. On hand to give autographs was Nascar driver, Blake Koch, a very nice young driver who came out because he supports natural gas as part of America and New York’s energy future. Why was this such a surprising turn of events? Well, because Koch is sponsored by none other than Nationwide, a company which declared earlier this week that they would not insure properties with natural gas development only to quickly backtrack on the statement. While it was a bit of an irony with the week’s headlines, we were truly grateful for Koch taking the time to come out and show his support of New York landowners. His booth was a big hit with those in attendance, especially with New York being home to Watkins Glen International, or the Glen.

Dirt Track Races

Throughout the day there were also dirt track races held, since it was at the Sports Complex. These provided some fun shows for the thousands of spectators in attendance.

Wineries and Natural Gas Companies Working Together

On hand for the event was a local business many, at least in New York,  have claimed cannot exist if natural gas development comes to town. Black Bear Winery out of Chenango, New York seemed pleased to be participating in the day’s festivities, though, and like many wineries in Pennsylvania are already doing, will likely see increased business opportunities when permitting begins.

Let the Fun Begin

After all of that now we say let the fun begin? That’s because on top of the very serious discussions occurring throughout the day, the event was also a chance to have a good time with friends and family of all ages. There was free food, local bands, prizes, fireworks, and a lot of laughs. Individuals could go inside out of the rain, and later heat, to view Truthland and Silent No More. We gave away every copy we had of the movie to landowners eager to share the film with their communities and town boards.

All in all, it was a great day and one we were very proud to be a part of.

Click here to view more photos of the day.

Here are the next Vote4Energy rallies in our region. If you live by one it’s absolutely worthwhile to attend!

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